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Meet the Founders

We are Mark, Linda, and Dakar.

We're travelers.
We're digital nomads.
We're entrepreneurs.

Like you, we love traveling, exploring and discovering new places and people.

In the same breath we need to keep one foot firmly planted in the business world.

To remain connected with our team, clients, partners and platforms, and to grow our businesses.

Which is why we created Nomad Stays.
To make it easier for everyone to work while exploring the world.

A Life of Travel

Like many we started traveling a long time ago. Firstly on family excursions, then sporting trips, business trips and later on active holidays.

Mark's first extended adventure was being posted to the Solomon Islands as an expat with KPMG. Linda's was moving to Hong Kong & later Saudi Arabia where she worked for the Royal Family

Linda ended up flying around the world monthly for many years as a first class flight attendant with Qantas, a large Australian airline. She later became a Recreational Pilot.

Mark tacked on explorations to his business trips while working for Apple, Microsoft and others. He also grew several travel and tech companies including a multi-award winning outback Australian tour company named MudMaps.

In 2007 Mark experimented with nomading when he spent a year backpacking the world.

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Going Nomad

Together we went fully nomad in 2015 after packing up our home near Noosa, Australia. Selling most of our possessions and packing the van & motorbike for a trip around Australia.

As digital nomads for over 4 years now our inspiration for Nomad Stays comes from the desire to overcome the constant hassles of finding affordable, comfortable, digital nomad-friendly places to stay. Somewhere we can stop for awhile, enjoy, get some work done.

  • Without costing a fortune
  • Without wasting our lives endlessly negotiating

Our mission became to make it easier for people to explore and discover more of the planet while building a career. To discover the forgotten, to uncover the unknown, to expect the unexpected. To meet new and interesting people of all walks of life.

Adventure. The Spice of Life.

I think by now you can see we have travel in our blood. We're not really luxury resort types though. Been there, done that. For us adventure and meeting new people are a passion.

  • Flying Hot Air Balloons in at least 6 countries.
  • Backpacking the length of Africa
  • Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro & hiking the Inca Trail
  • Dodging rebels in the Sahara & getting tear-gassed in Chile

Motorcycle Adventures

  • Riding the Silk Road from China to Spain (Mark)
  • Crossing the US solo & Circumnavigating Australia (Linda)
  • Riding with reindeer above the Arctic Circle (Mark)
  • Exploring the Himalaya (Mark)
  • Getting stranding in the Mohave Desert during summer
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Building Entrepreneurs

We also love business and innovation. We're real startup junkies.

Mark built a tourism incubator back in the 90's and has been mentoring tech startups since 2000. He's been an angel investor, entrepreneur-in-residence at 4 startup incubators, has been a Founder of a Coworking NGO and even got paid to travel regional Australia helping hand out government grants. (Great nomad job!)

Mark & Linda have assisted around 20 Techstars Startup Weekends around the world and visited over 50 coworking spaces and business incubators across 3 continents in the past 2 years.

Yep. Entrepreneurs are in our blood too.

Today's European Adventure

Today we are based in Europe building Nomad Stays and our associated business mentoring service Business in Bare Feet.

We travel as a family with our adventure dog/virtual assistant Dakar Dingo via plane, car, bus, train. motorcycle etc. Dakar has even racked up 11 countries since leaving Australia.

If you run into us its likely to be in

So, welcome to Nomad Stays.

And, welcome to an easier way to explore the world.

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Digital Nomads

Remote workers, freelancers, location independents ... we don't mind what you label yourself.

We understand that working digitally and building a career while exploring the world is different to many other types of traveler.

Its a way of life that provides a richer, more satisfying lifestyle than sitting in your home town commuting off to an office or hanging out with the same folk all year.

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Global Explorers

Unlike traditional vacation or business travelers, explorers prefer to go where the mass travelers haven't discovered or frequent yet.

Explorers are more curious about things like community, natural beauty, wildife, and like to immerse themselves deeper into a destination's fabric.

We often discover the world isn't quite like the media portrays it.

Passions that Drive Us

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Exploration & Discovery

The more remote the better. We like many long term travelers tend to prefer places that the masses don't visit.

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Innovative Entrepreneurs

Creating something new and pushing the boundaries are what entrepreneurs and innovators do. And we love helping them make the world a better place.

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Coworking & Communities

The ability to work from remote parts of the world and create connections with different groups and communities is also very empowering.

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Meet Our Team

picture of Mark phillips

Mark Phillips

Founder & CEO

Australian entrepreneur. World traveler (over 100 countries). Digital Nomad since 2015.

Keen adventure motorcyclist, serial entrepreneur and global startup mentor. Formerly of KPMG, Microsoft, Apple, Australian Internatinoal Hotel School & MudMaps Tours.

picture of linda mccall

Linda McCall

CoFounder and Chief Marketing Officer

Australian. World traveler. Digital Nomad since 2015.

Sports pilot, hot air balloonist, adventure motorcyclist, global startup mentor and junkie. Formerly international aviation specialist with the Australian Military, Qantas Airways, & Saudi Royal Family.

Global Adventure Nomads
Matthias picture

Matthias Bartholdi

Product Development

German entrepreneur. Multi-lingual world traveler. South American hostel owner.

Remote area economic development specialist, motoring enthusiast, adventure traveler. NGO Project manager across multiple continents.

Souleymane picture

Souleymane Icha

West African & Middle Eastern Specialist

Tuareg serial travel entrepreneur. Multi-lingual executive.

Founder of Tinarawene Desert Expeditions (Sahara) and Alamad NGO. Executive economic and social security advisor to several North African and middle eastern governments.

Dakar  picture

Dakar Dingo

Virtual Assistant & Chief Happiness Officer

Australian rescue dog and Nomad.

Since being saved by a dog rescue centre in Gympie, Queensland "Dakar" has managed to circumnavigate Australia (in chauferred 4X4 luxury) and travel to 10 other countries. Arguably the most traveled dingo on the planet. Loves Startup Weekends and pats.

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dakar dingo
dakar dingo

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