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Weekly Updates of ” The Future of Travel” with Founder Mark Phillips 17.7.20

This week Mark talks :

  • 2nd wave sudden quarantine closures
  • Rolling entry blockages
  • The risk of not being able to return
  • Supply shortages and price spikes in places, (rental cars and regional accommodation.)
  • Massive price drops in others.
  • New properties openings with great deals in many places
  • The lack of info on the internet
  • The adventure of being on an unplanned journey


Travel Quote – Nomad Stays

Where to now?

Where to next, are you still traveling or are you learning the slow travel movement and staying for than 3 months at any one time?

COVID 19 has definitely enforced the slow travel moment by putting so many restrictions on us, however after 5 years of travelling sometimes it’s good to stop for a bit and take stock. Since being in Europe we have found it great to travel and stay for three months at a time. In Australia, we would move more often so it has been a nice change.

Tell us your experience…

Mark is an Australian entrepreneur and traveller who has explored over 100 countries. A keen adventure motorcyclist he rode the Silk Road for his 50th birthday and has backpacked Africa a number of times. Trained as a Chartered Accountant and having working in the tech industry for giants including Apple and Microsoft he has a unique insight into the impacts of technology and business. Mark has lived as a digital nomad for over 5 years and is currently in France.

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