Frequently Asked Questions by Stays

How it works


Get Listed

Apply for listing. We review your property and if you qualify we'll invite you to Register your Stay and a Stay Management account.
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Set Prices
Allocate Rooms

Provide information about your Stay and allocate us some rooms to sell. Update your room inventory and prices easily.


Receive Bookings

Nomads book online with us & pay us a Booking Fee. We instantly let you know of a Confirmed Booking via email and instant messaging.


Check-in Guests
Collect Fees

Guests arrive, check-in and pay you directly the price you set with us.

What do I need to be eligible for listing?

To be nomad-friendly you'll need at least:

  • A legally registered and licensed accommodation business
  • Broadband Internet of speeds better than 5Mbps down and 5Mbps up
  • Somewhere closeby for guests to work
    This may be a coworking space in or near your property
  • To allocate at least 1 room to us on a 'free sale' basis
    Free Sale allows us to sell your room instantly

Commission Free - how does that work?

Unlike major OTAs we don't charge a commission.

Instead we charge guests a booking fee to lock in the room and deal.

Guests pay us the booking fee and pay you the accommodation fee. They pay this directly to you when they check in.

How do I get started?

As soon as your Stay is accepted as we'll kick off a straight forward onboarding process.

Step 1 - Register your Stay
Step 2 - Complete the Basic Details of your property
Step 3 - Upload your Photos to a Dropbox folder we'll send you
Step 4 - Add some Rooms
Step 5 - Set your Prices

How do bookings work?

Bookings start when a guest sees a package and checks its availability in our inventory system.

If there's a room/bed available the guest makes the booking and pay us a booking fee on the spot. We immediately confirm the booking to them and you.

When the guest arrives and checks-in they pay you the balance of the package which is the price you've set with us.

Nomad Stays offers 'instant bookings' so every booking is confirmed.

What prices do I set?

This of course is entirely your choice. We encourage you to create budget friendly pricing as nomads will reward you with a longer stay than most business or leisure guests. The bottom line is that nomads and remote workers can easily be your most profitable market with their longer stays.

We provide a Pricing Modeler to assist our Stay Members.

How many rooms do I allocate?

You'll want to allocate at least one room/bed to ensure you're listed on the site. (You're listing will disappear as a booking option if there's nothing we can sell.)

Several rooms allocated will mean that when we sell the first one we will automatically have another to sell. This opens up the possibity of groups of friends booking together for instance.

How do I know I have a booking?

As soon as the booking is confirmed we will email and message the details to your designated person.

We can use SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram and other instant messaging systems for your convenience.

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