Best Places to Live & Work as a Digital Nomad in The Andean Region Colombia


Digital Nomad Guide: Andean Region Colombia

The Andean Region has a wide range of temperature zones and holds the majority of natural parks in the country. It is the habitat of the condor, iconic bird featured in the Colombian flag. The region also harbors other hundred bird species, such as larks, partridges, turkey hens, ducks, hummingbirds, green toucans and occasionally migrating Caica parrots from North America. In this region squirrels, armadillos, wild rabbits, curies, lowland paca, foxes and deer find their home. Likewise, exotic species like the tapir, night monkeys, black howlers and the crested eagle are found. The Andean National Park Network is composed by the Parque Natural de Iguaque, the Parque Natural del Cocuy, the Parque Natural Otún Quimbaya, the Parque Natural de los Nevados, the Parque Natural Cueva de los Guácharos, the Parque Natural Los Estoraques, the Parque Natural Chingaza and the Parque Natural Puracé. Find here more information on natural parks and the fauna of the Andean Region.


Climate in Andean Region Colombia