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Digital Nomad Guide: Rakhiv

Rakhiv, or more precisely, the village Dilove located close to it, is one of several European locations vying for the symbolic right to be Geographical centre of Europe. The sign in Dilove, the point calculated in 1887 by the Austro-Hungarian geographers, carries a Latin inscription: "Locus Perennis Dilicentissime cum libella librationis quae est in Austria et Hungaria confectacum mensura gradum meridionalium et paralleloumierum Europeum. MD CCC LXXXVII." The Drahobrat can be accessed by 4x4 tours to the Geographical Centre of Europe. There was Thomas Garrigue Masaryk in his stay to study a situation on the Romanian front during World War I in Hotel "Ukraina" on the winter 1917 - 1918, which remind the memorial desk there. The Headquarters of Carpathian Biosphere Reserve are located in Rakhiv. With an elevation of 430 meters above sea level, Rakhiv is Ukraine's highest city.


  • 4x4 Toursto the Drahobrat
  • Olenka
  • Geographical Centre of Europe
  • Museum of Mountain Ecology
  • Tsypa
  • Bryndza Festival
  • Carpathian Biosphere Reserve
  • Terentyn

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