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In one word: AWESOME! We think everything you are working on is awesome! Keep up with such great work! Maybe one day we will be able to meet you in Ecuador :).

Coworking Owner

Love it

Nomad Stays helped connect me with great accommodation when I was attending a Travelo Bloggers conference in Bansko, Bulgaria, I can highly recommend the team and their services.

Startup Founder


Great experience - highly recommend Nomad Stays 🚀

Nomad Entrepreneur

My new go-to place

Nomad Stays is my new “go to” when deciding where in the world my next adventure will be - for work or pleasure. As a travelling professional with my own business, having coworking options already sourced for me in stunning & exotic locations is AMAZING. Best of all, the process of searching & booking is soooo simple & the team at Bansko greeted me like an old friend when I said I booked through Nomad Stays!!!

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